Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Perfect Eyebrows
Well shaped eyebrows frame and balance your face, lifting and emphasising your eyes. They also add definition without compromising your natural look.

Every day more than 60% of women use an eyebrow pencil in an attempt to create a natural looking brow or even to fill gaps. Permanent cosmetics achieves this by infusing superfine strokes to simulate hairs, or by colourmisting to simulate the effect of a makeup pencil. Permanent eyebrow shaping is quite simply the most effective way to create symmetry and definition.

This creates a soft impression of shadow on the brow, similar to the effect created by pencil or powder. It is most suited to people who have eyebrows but desire better shape and definition.

This replicates the appearance of fine individual hairs. It is ideal for people who have little or no hair growth since permanent cosmetics simulate the natural hairs.